Ground Investigation

Specialist Highway GI Services

As one of the UK's most experienced GI contractors, Strata Geotechnics is often trusted to carry out detailed geotechnical investigations on highways across the UK. Whether it be carrying out GI on a Smart Motorways scheme, a B road or a private highway, the expertise demonstrated and specialist equipment used will be of the standard you would expect of the UK's leading contractor.

Our specialist highways team have all of the relevant qualifications and training needed to work in this challenging environment whilst sites are regularly audited by members of our management, safety & quality teams to ensure the highest standards throughout.

A focus on innovation, safety and quality has led to the development of specialist and bespoke plant & technologies, often unique to Strata Geotechnics and capable of delivering results quicker, more acurately and safer than traditional solutions.

Our knowledge, reputation and experience should offer confidence that the data you receive will be well presented, accurate and most importantly, useable, by all of the follow-on trades in determining the most cost-effective solution for your project.

Contact Information

Director: Andy Johnston
Call: +44 (0)1773 304056


Strata Geotechnics' Profile | Updated: 2018
VE-Mog RRV Technical Data Sheet | Updated: 2018

Case Studies

M1 Managed Motorways | 2013

Plant & Equipment

Archway Competitor Dart
Comacchio MC305
Comacchio MC205
Comacchio MC602
Comacchio MC12
Dando 2000
Dando 3000
Vemog Specialist Rail On-Track GI Rig
Vetrak Cable Percussion

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