Ground Investigation

Ground Investigation

Strata Geotechnics’ experience and expertise in drilling, sampling, analysing and reporting is well known throughout the industry for providing robust data which gives the necessary information to enable the relevant follow on trades to minimise subsequent costs and/or programme implications. It also provides clients the opportunity to address design, planning and land purchase quandaries or avoid previously unrecognised risks prior to incurring avoidable costs.

We offer a wide variety of professional ground investigation and monitoring services including:

Obtaining quality data on projects of all sizes and complexities is key to determining the correct build method/sequencing. Our unrivalled portfolio of geotechnical services ensures we have the experience, knowledge and ability to acquire and present viable results which can be used in the value engineering of piling, retaining or anchoring designs. The diversity of our fleet and experienced operatives only goes to reinforce our ability to carry out our work swiftly, with minimal disruption and in a professional manner, ensuring that clients come back to us again and again.

The drilling techniques we use enable us to establish numerous geotechnical parameters for foundation design, pavement design, soakaways, shallow mine workings, slope stability, ground water levels and excavations. Working closely with environmental engineers means we also have a wealth of experience in environmental soil sampling, well installations and gas and ground water monitoring.

Our unique Vetrak® rig provides the access capabilities of a window sampler with the drilling capability of a cable percussion rig. The mast is extremely quick to erect, doesn’t require disassembly to be tracked to the next drill location on the same site and it’s access capabilities are unrivalled, being small enough to track through an internal doorway.

We are members of the British Drilling Association and all of our drillers are trained to NVQ Level 2 in land drilling.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver accurate GI results competitively, that we will guarantee our piling, drilling & grouting, ground anchor, soil nail and Smartfoot® precast modular foundation quotations against any additional costs. Please contact us for further information.

Contact Information

Director: Andy Johnston
Call: +44 (0)1773 304056


Strata Geotechnics Profile | Updated: 2018
VE-Mog RRV Technical Data Sheet | Updated: 2018

Case Studies

Harburn Head Wind Farm | 2015
Rugeley Rail Electrification Project | 2015
Collapsed Wall Shibden | 2015
Former Coalite Plant - North Tip | 2014
Millerhill Waste Tranfer Facility | 2014
Coylton to New Cumnock | 2014
M1 Managed Motorways | 2013
Bridgewater Canal | 2012

Plant & Equipment

Archway Competitor Dart
Comacchio MC305
Comacchio MC205
Comacchio MC602
Comacchio MC12
Dando 2000
Dando 3000
Vemog Specialist Rail On-Track GI Rig
Vetrak Cable Percussion

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