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The ground matters… what it is made of, how it is shaped and how it will interact with a structure placed on or in it.

Ground and the probable initial uncertainty in the understanding of it is probably the greatest risk to every development, construction or project today. The ground presents a wide-range of physical and potential chemical hazards arising from current or previous site uses, possible land-forming activities (man or naturally occurring) and fundamental geology. It is only through a proportional, yet comprehensive, understanding of ground and how it interacts with the project can the hazards associated with it and the risk those hazards present can be understood, managed and mitigated. It matters little, the scale of the project, ground and the potential uncertainty of ground-structure interaction is key.

Strata Geotechnics offers a complete independent advisory service on all geotechnical and environmental issues. Utilising experienced geotechnical and geo-environmental staff within one company, Strata Geotechnics are able to offer clients a ‘One Shop’ approach to the investigation and development of sites. We understand the ground, really understand it.

By providing a comprehensive desk study, the design and implementation of Phase II ground investigations, geo-environmental laboratory testing and EC7 compliant factual and interpretive reporting, together with site remediation strategies and validation reporting Strata Geotechnics are able to oversee projects from inception to completion.

Strata Geotechnics offers the following comprehensive range of services:

Our Consultancy Services constantly look to offer best value advice with the over-arching no-surprise mentality giving clients advice and information at every stage upon which commercial and technical decisions can be made. Strata Geotechnics Consultancy Services are a valuable addition to any project.

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Director: Tim Major
Call: +44 (0)1773 304056


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